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Home Insurance Definitions

Wherever the following words appear in this insurance they will have the meanings shown below.

You / your / insured The person or persons named in the schedule and all members of their family who permanently live in the home.

We / us / our Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s.

Schedule The schedule is part of this insurance and contains details of you, the premises, the sums insured, the period of insurance and the sections of this insurance which apply.

Endorsement A change in the terms and conditions of this insurance.

Period of insurance The length of time for which this insurance is in force, as shown in the schedule and for which you have paid and we have accepted a premium.

Standard construction Built of brick, stone or concrete and roofed with slates, tiles, metal or concrete.


  • the home and its decorations
  • fixtures and fittings attached to the home
  • permanently installed swimming pools, tennis courts, drives, patios and terraces, walls, gates and fences and fixed fuel tanks you own or for which you are legally liable within the premises named in the schedule.

Premises The address which is named in the schedule.

Home The private dwelling of standard construction and the garages and outbuildings used for domestic purposes at the premises shown in the schedule.

Bodily injury Bodily injury includes death or disease.

Sanitary ware Washbasins, sinks, bidets, lavatory pans and cisterns, shower trays, shower screens, baths and bath panels.

Occupant you or persons authorised by you to stay in the home overnight.

Contents Household goods and personal property, within the home, which are
your property or which you are legally liable for.
Contents includes:

  • tenant’s fixtures and fittings
  • radio and television aerials, satellite dishes, their fittings and masts which are attached to the home
  • property in the open but within the premises up to £250 in Total (other than radio and television aerials, satellite dishes, their fittings and masts which are attached to the home)
  • money and credit cards up to £300 in total
  • deeds and registered bonds and other personal documents up to £1,500 in total
  • stamps or coins forming part of a collection up to £1,250 in total
  • gold, silver, gold and silver plated articles, jewellery and furs up to 35% of the sum insured for contents (10% of the sum insured for contents for any one item) within the private dwelling
  • domestic oil in fixed fuel oil tanks up to £1,000
  • office equipment up to £5,000 or 20% of the sum insured for contents whichever is the less, within the home

Content does NOT include:

  • motor vehicles (other than garden machinery) caravans, trailers or watercraft or their accessories
  • any living creature
  • any part of the buildings
  • any property held or used for business purposes other than as defined under office equipment
  • any property insured under any other insurance.

Office Equipment Computers and home office equipment belonging to you and used in
conjunction with your business at the home.
Office equipment does NOT include:

  • loss of magnetism or corruption of data
  • compensation for you not being able to use the computer or any equipment following loss or damage
  • equipment more specifically insured by any otherinsurance.
  • the cost of reconstituting any lost or damaged data
  • any business stock or money held for business purposes
  • equipment being confiscated or repossessed
  • loss or damage to computer software, software tapes / discs / CD Roms and any data stored

Valuables Valuables includes

  • jewellery
  • furs
  • gold, silver, gold and silver plated articles
  • pictures.

which are your property or which you are legally responsible for.

Personal possessions Clothing, baggage, sports equipment and other similar items
normally carried about the person and all of which belong to you
Personal possessions does NOT include:

  • money and credit cards
  • pedal cycles.


  • current legal tender, cheques, postal and money orders
  • postage stamps not forming part of a stamp collection
  • savings stamps and savings certificates, travellers’ cheques
  • premium bonds, luncheon vouchers and gift tokens all held for private or domestic purposes.

Credit cards • credit cards, charge cards, debit cards, bankers cards and cash dispenser cards

United Kingdom The ‘United Kingdom’ will include England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man and the Channel Islands, and journeys between these countries.

Europe ‘Europe’ will include:

  • all Mediterranean Islands;
  • all countries with a Mediterranean shoreline;
  • the Canary Islands;
  • Madeira;

and journeys between these countries.

Terrorism any act(s) of any person(s) or organisation(s) involving

  • • the causing, occasioning or threatening of harm of whatever nature and by whatever means
  • • putting the public or any section of the public in fear in circumstances in which it is reasonable to conclude that the purpose(s) of the person(s) or organisation(s) concerned are wholly or partly of a political, religious, ideological or similar nature.

Excess the amount payable by you in the event of a claim.

Highhouse Insurance/Highhouse The insurance intermediary that arranged this insurance on your
behalf and to whom all correspondence should be addressed.

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