Listed Building Insurance

Listed Building Insurance and listed buidling home insurance - Home Insurance for Listed Buildings
Listed Building Insurance

Coverholder at LLoyds

Why Choose Highhouse Listed Building Insurance

  • Specialist knowledge of listed building insurance.
  • Competitive rates and we try to keep them consistently low year on year.
  • Underwritten at either Lloyds of London.
  • Buildings and Contents Values Indexed linked to protect you against inflation.
  • Includes public liability cover upto £5,000,000 as standard.
  • Speak directly to one of our advisers – No automated phone service.

Listed Building Insurance

Highhouse specialise in listed building home insurance. Experienced staff at Highhouse are able to tailor the cover provided to suit your requirements giving you peace of mind that everything you need is covered without paying for the things you don’t. Our flexible policies, unlike many other listed building insurance policies, cover a wide range of different listed building categories in the UK including Grade 1, Grade 2* and Grade 2 as well as Grade A, Grade B and Grade C in Scotland.

Our policies are underwritten at Lloyds of London depending on the best rate for your insurance needs.  You will get a premium level of cover but will benefit from the discounts of going direct without the middleman. We also like to keep our rates as consistent as possible year-on-year and maintain a high customer retention level.

Our listed building insurance policies can cover both buildings and contents against standard perils as well as accidental damage. You only pay for the level of cover needed. To protect you against inflation our policies are also index linked. Discounting is available for no claims, combining both your buildings and contents or if you take out several policies with us.

Why do I need Listed Building Home Insurance

Listed buildings are noted as being of special interest and their grading usually warrants a different level of protection with Grade 1 being the highest and noted as having exceptional interest. In Scotland their grading system is not the same as England or Wales and they use Grades A, B and C instead, their methods of grading is also slightly different so a Grade 2* in England and Wales  for example is not necessarily the same as Grade B in Scotland.

If you are reading this then you probably own or are looking to buy a building that is listed, if you would like to know more about a listed building such as why it is listed or what restrictions it may have you should contact your local council or local planning authority as they are the official body for listed buildings in their respective area.

You will need home insurance for listed buildings because a standard home insurance policy does not take in to account the different techniques and building materials that may be required to restore a property after it has been damaged. Generally they are regarded as non standard construction and may have a greater rebuild cost, Highhouse listing buildings insurance have been underwritten to take this into account.