What does landlord Insurance Cover

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A guide for landlords

What is Landlord Insurance Cover

When letting a property there are slightly different risks an insurer needs to take into account and therefore, have produced a different insurance for rented property known commonly as Buy to Let Landlord Insurance. So what does landlord insurance cover? well in practice a buy to let landlord insurance policy is very similar to a standard household policy, the buildings are still covered against standard perils, you can still get contents insurance to cover furnishings as well as accidental damage and many of the wordings in the policy booklets will be the same.
There is however a few differences and these will be highlighted throughout this guide. The main difference is that the property is not owner occupied and is tenanted through which you are earning an income. Standard house hold properties are not written and rated to cater for this (letting a room out is different and normally catered for in a standard household policy). It should also include Landlords Legal Liability insurance to provide protection for Landlords as Property Owners for injury or damage to others including tenants as residents in the property.

What does landlord insurance cover

Single policies for property portfolios
An advantage to landlords who own more than one buy to let property is that many insurers now offer multi-property policies, which can combine their portfolio or properties onto just one insurance schedule (each property will usually have its own buildings sum insured and contents sum insured) and will have just one renewal date. Discounts are usually available as its not only keeps things simple for the landlord but also the insurer as there is less administration and therefore cost involved.

Landlords insurance cover for Contents
What is considered contents is usually slightly different than for a standard household policy. As the policy will only cover the contents that the Landlord has provided for the use of the tenant. For example carpets, White Kitchen goods and communal contents in hallways and vestibules. Contents are not normally covered in outbuildings and garages unless specifically requested. It is also worth remembering that landlords contents will only cover items and furnishings owned by the landlord and not any contents owned by the tenants, who will have to arrange their own contents insurance.

Loss of Rent Cover
A standard cover found in rented property insurance is ‘Loss of Rent’. This is very important and given that it is standard in most landlords policies these days you should not take out a policy that does not include this. Loss of rent covers landlords against expenses they incur should their property let become uninhabitable leading to finding and paying for alternative accommodation as well as any actual loss of rent itself during the period that the property is uninhabitable following the occurrence of an insured peril. Loss of rent is usually set as a percentage of the sum insured.

Rent Guarantee
Rent Guarantee Insurance will cover you against your tenant defaulting or failing to pay the rent. It isn’t normally standard on landlords insurance but may be available as a bolt on or as a separate insurance policy.

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