Insurance Matters December 2010

Christmas is nearly here, and so too are those that prey on property owners during this time. You need to be extra vigilant at this time of year, with money being short and expectations high, this is a prime time for burglaries.

This is also a time where you need to be aware that an extended Christmas break away, could see you with NO insurance cover! Most policies have what is called an ‘Unoccupancy Clause’. This clause restricts some of the cover under your policy if you are away for a period of time (normally 30days). If you are planning on an extended holiday during this period, read your policy and the exclusions very carefully. If you are in any doubt, then contact your Insurance Broker for clarity.

When we have completed our Christmas shopping, battled with the wrapping paper and disobedient sticky tape and placed the gifts under the tree, the larder and cupboards are full of Christmas Cheer, we feel that we have achieved….. but what happens if someone breaks in a steals the gifts and Christmas fare?

Most insurance policies will have an automatic uplift of 10% for the Christmas period, if this is not the case, please ensure that your contents insurance is adequate for your requirements. If they are not, then ensure that you contact your ensure too increase the sum insured as necessary.

All your garden tools and machinery are neatly packed away for the winter, but are they still there? Check periodically the safety of these items and ensure that Garden Sheds, Garages and storage areas are well secured and locked and check that they are still there!

It is common now to adorn our homes with festive lights and novelties, make sure that you have extended your Buildings cover to include Accidental Damage cover should you put your foot through the roof! Ensure that the lights that you are using do not cause a fire hazard with worn wiring and overloading the household circuits, or indeed in some cases the National Grid!!

For our Business Partners, please ensure that the Stock Cover is increased for the festive session and that the cash limits under your insurance cover are adequate for the trading period.
With the wet weather, please make sure that all slippery surfaces are clearly marked for your customers, and perhaps provide temporary storage for wet umbrellas by your doors.

Shop Lifting and pilfering is rife at this time, so train your staff in the correct way of dealing and spotting this activity, and importantly, to have the local Police telephone number easily accessible.
Most importantly, make sure that you have cover in place for Public and Employers Liability. If you are in any doubt and need advice or guidance, Please do not hesitate to contact us on 0845 230 1477.

There is one final thing to mention here, and probably the most important thing and that is :-

From all of us at Highhouse Insurance Services Limited, we would like to thank our customers for their custom during 2010 and Wish everyone a safe, claim free and Happy Christmas and New Year.


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